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General questions
Natok TV is an online media and broadcasting platform offering Bengali live TV channels, movies, short films and other programs. With an ever growing library of live TV channels, movies, natoks and other videos, Natok TV is one of the leading and official services in Europe and America.
Natok TV is available on the number of Internet connected devices: All the content can be accessed anytime, anywhere on a plethora of devices such as Smart TV’s, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smart phones, Android Tablets, Laptops & PCs. We are always expanding our access platforms so be sure to check our site periodically for the latest information. Just Sign up and log in to your account to start using the service.
No. You do not need a satellite dish or cable TV connection to watch Natok TV programs. All you need is an Internet connection and one of Natok TV supported devices.
The ideal Internet speed for a seamless watching experience should be 8 Mbps (Mega bits per second) constant speed. If you're not sure your connection is fast enough, you can check your Internet speed at The quality of transmission may adjust according to your Internet speed.
Watching Natok TV is very easy, just go to your device web browser search for "”. Click on Log in and enter your details to start streaming immediately. If you do not yet have an account, please click on the sign up link and enter your details and select your desired service plan option.
It depends entirely on the program that you wish to watch on Natok TV. Some programs may have recommended age restriction guidelines and viewers can watch programs at their own discretion. Natok TV will not be held liable for any breach of conduct, as we cannot control end users behavior.
Due to licensing restrictions, some of our programs may not be available in all countries. Please check subscription packages availability in your country before making any purchase. Since all the content is streamed over Internet we will not be able to provide any refund for any purchases made by mistake.
You can create a New Account at
Please follow the link to get complete information on TV Licensing.
We do not provide a free trial period. The minimum period for any subscription is a monthly subscription. We do however offer a 7 days money back guarantee. You still have to make a full payment of the cost of your chosen subscription package.
If you decide not to continue with our services, you can cancel your chosen subscription package anytime and the service will stop on the last day of your service cycle.
All of our latest promotional offers (if any) are available on our website. You can only use one promotional offer at a time.
You can buy your Natok TV subscription online on our website You will need to Sign Up on the website using your email address.
After you have made your first payment, any subsequent payments will be automatically charged on or your payment due date using the payment method you used during initial subscription purchase.
We have 3 types of subscription options: Monthly, 6 Monthly & Yearly. All our subscriptions are detailed on the "Sign Up" page on our website. Please visit the page for detailed info. You can contact us via email at
You can change your subscription through "My Account" section on the website. You can cancel your existing subscription and then subscribe to a new subscription.
Please check whether your subscription has not been suspended due to failed monthly payments by going to "My Account" section on the website.
If you don't think this is the case then please contact our customer support team via email at
Your monthly subscription will be auto renewed every month on your billing date. Your registered card will be charged at the start of your monthly billing cycle.
Your 6 monthly and Yearly subscription terminate at the end of the subscription cycle unless the ‘auto renew’ box is ticked.
We do not store any of your payment details on our systems.
No. Currently we do not support PayPal.
You can update/change any of your details by going to the "My Account" section on the website.
Some of our content is available in HD. However, the majority of our content is available in SD in the UK, Europe & America as we try to attain High Quality (HQ) of 720p.
With each subscription you can watch on up to 3 devices simultaneously. If we notice that there is an unusual consumption pattern then we reserve the right to investigate and deactivate your account. Please be fair to us and other customers.
Yes you can change your password by going to "Account Settings" on the website after logging into your account.
If you do not remember your password, you can easily retrieve it by going to This will send your password to your registered email addressed with us.
You will need Internet connection to watch any content on Natok TV.
This depends on the package you have selected. If you have a monthly subscription, then the programmes under that subscription will be available on a monthly basis only. If you have subscribed for yearly subscription, then the programs under the subscription will be available for a full year.
In case we change your subscription programs then we will notify you via an email to your registered email address with us.
Yes. Simply click on the video you wish to watch then click the ‘Watch Later’ tab
Not at the moment. We advice children under 18 must be supervised while watching programs not suitable for their age. You must also follow viewing restrictions as provided by the content providers.
It varies depending upon the type of subscription you have:
If you are a monthly subscriber then you can cancel your subscription anytime of the month and your cancellation request will take effect immediately. You will still be able to watch all the programs under your subscription till the end of your current billing month. Any subsequent payments will be cancelled. We are unable to make any refunds for the remaining time on your subscription. It is customer's responsibility to cancel their subscription at their own convenience.
Yes you can. Please select from multiple subscription packages from "Sign Up" page on the website but use a different email address.